Movie Recommendations

Well, hello lovely folks!
Since I didn't manage to write and post a January Favourites, I have not talked about any of the movies I have seen so far this year. I have seen some pretty great ones though, and I am excited to share them with you today!

Priceless {2016}
Oh my! This year was the first time I became fully aware of the seriousness and reality of slavery, human trafficking and those such things. On February 7th, I took part in the End It Movement on Shine A Light on Slavery Day. (Info @enditmovement on Instagram)
Not long after that, my family watched this film. It covers the topic very well and from a great perspective. In a way it is a rather beautiful story, but it is full of hurt and brokenness.
Basically, it is about a guy named James who takes a job transporting a mystery cargo. When he realizes that he is actually delivering two young women to men running a sex trafficking business, he desperately tries to save them and get them back.
I highly recommend this movie!

She is called Daughter

She stood there. Watching. Waiting and dreaming.  Watching the wind toss the branches of the trees. Waiting in the stillness. And dreaming of things still to come. She adored the sweet solace she found on that quiet hill.  How the dainty flowers that grew there, bobbing back and forth in the breeze. For many years she had come here and always to escape the crowd. How they pushed and pulled her; it filled her head with fog. So she came to the quiet hill that felt closer to the sky, to have heavenly conversations with the Father of her heart.  Sometimes she would just sit and think.  Other times she might sing. Often she would pick armfuls of blossoms. But always she knew whose watchful eye was over her and she'd smile at the thought.
It was while she was standing there dreaming, that when the breezes stilled, she heard the grasses rustling at her side. She saw a figure approaching, though she knew not who it was.  He came right beside her and looked her in the eye. But she was not…

Berkeley Square // Thoughts (or you could call it a review)

Oh hey, Wildflowers!
Been a while since I've rambled about a movie or series, hasn't it? Well, today I have a whole post for you about this ten episode mini-series called Berkeley Square.
I found out about this from another blogger and I am so glad we watched it because as I am about to show you, it's really good!

Alrighty, so Berkeley Square follows the story of three nannies during 1902, who all work in different households in Berkeley Square, London and end up all becoming friends.
The stories of them and the families they work for all intertwine in a most wonderful way and the whole thing is very entertaining.

The Nannies

Hannah Randall is Irish(and starts of as a ladies maid), and her story begins when she has just lost the father of her baby(born out of wedlock)to a riding accident. Hannah then seeks employment in London, and after some struggles lands a job working as a live-in nanny in Berkeley Square, while her baby is left in the care of a Polish woman she met on…

A Sustaining Quiet Time Method for 2019

Hello darlings!

The other morning, I was sitting outside in the warm breeze to have my quiet time when this idea struck me.
I quickly jotted it down with the intention of sharing it with you, and today I am going to be giving you an idea that will hopefully kickstart your quiet time in this new year if you need it!

So my idea was, how your quiet time can essentially look like a 3-course meal!
Yes, you heard me right, a 3-course meal.

I created this outline of what this 'meal' would look like.

~ • ~
Start with prayer! This sets the tone and course of your time with God and in this situation could resemble the setting of the table before you eat.
A simple, encouraging devotional A devotional is a snack or entree to open your quiet time with. If you don't have as much time this is all you might get away with but generally, it will not leave you full for long. I am using My Utmost for His Highest by Oswald Chambers as mine and I love it.

Bible Reading & …

Holiday & Christmas Haul

Hello, darlings!
I trust you all had a relaxing and special Christmas time, I sure did. My family all got together on Christmas Eve, shared a yummy meal, exchanged gifts and had a wonderful evening.

I thought in today's post I would share the things I was blessed with this Christmas and also the bit and pieces I picked up while my family was on holiday(or vacation as some of you might say!).

So while we were on our family holiday I splurged a bit...
(Left) 1. I found Season 2 of Downton Abbey while browsing a second-hand shop and I was thrilled because I already own Season 1. I wonder if I could collect it all from thrift shops...
(Center) 2. I couldn't resist this pretty pink notebook with gold detailing and it was cheap sooooo...
(Right) 3. I wanted to find a planner to help organize my school better so I found this pretty one which I love because there is a good amount of space for each day.

Sometimes you've got to treat yourself and get some nice beauty products!  Thi…

Goal Setting for The New Year

I don't know about you, but I personally love beginning a new year and making new goals and getting a fresh start.
Sadly, last year my goals kind of got ditched halfway through the year and I think I know why.
I had too many and they weren't thought out very well and this year I am going to change that.

This year, I want to set just a few main goals for the entire year but then at the beginning of each month, I will set say, 3 goals just for that month. That way I can accomplish goals but not be overwhelmed by having too many to start with.

Now that I have that down, you may be wondering what exactly are my big goals for 2019?
So here are just a few of them!

1. Live life more fully
To me this means enjoying the little things, spending time wisely, being present and leaving my phone in my drawer and forgetting that it exists.
I don't want to waste a minute, I want to invest in others lives and grow my own originality and creativity.
Because the times that I have spent extra…

Behold Your King // Christmas Favourites Part 2

Hey Wildflowers!

I first would like to apologize that this post is a little late, due to computer issues and travelling.
But I am here now to complete this two-part Christmas Favourites post!

You can read Part One here.

For this part of my Christmas favourites, I wanted to focus on the spiritual part of the season.
This December I found a few great resources to get into the Word and fully prepare for the celebration.

The first one is a 3-part series by Revive Our Hearts called Unto You Is Born This Day.
In these three sessions, Nancy Demoss Wolgemuth take us through Luke 2 in a way I haven't ever read before. My eyes were truly opened to many new things about the Christmas story I thought I knew so well.

Next are three classic Christmas carols that I fell in love with this Christmas.
Infant Holy, Infant Lowly is a beautiful and sweet carol that is similar to Away in a Manger but has a different aspect.
O Little Town of Bethlehem is one that I never much liked when I was younger but…

NOEL, NOEL // Christmas Faves Part 1

Guys! It's that time of year again!
Christmas time is my absolute favourite time of year. I love it even more than my birthday because the whole world acknowledges it. You see the festive decorations everywhere, everyone gets gifts(not just the person whose birthday it is) and it's a lovely, happy time together with people you love.

In honour of the Christmas season, I want to post some Christmas cheer on my blog during this month.
Today's post it Part 1 of 2 posts about some of my Christmassy favourites. From music to movies, books and Pinteresty Christmas aesthetic.
By the way, all the photos in this post are my own unless stated otherwise!

First off, this November/December, I have discovered some new and wonderful Christmas songs that I love. Here's my top 4!

Top 4 Fav Christmas songs this year:

1. Light of the World by Lauren Daigle - Makes my heart want to cry out in worship!

2. Unto Us by JJ Heller - Beautiful, soothing song!

3. O Tannenbaum by Andrea Bocelli - A…

November Favourites

We are just about done with 2018 and I am very ready for 2019! New beginnings, new goals, new adventures and new growth!
November was an overall good month, but with much too much rain. It has even been flooding in some areas around where I live. And it is SUPPOSED to be Spring...
Anywho, I have a lot of favourites for this month, so I'd better get going!


Wonder by R.J. Palacio
I really enjoyed this book and I have seen the movie twice. The movie is quite accurate and it's a great story of a boy with a facial deformity who has to go to public school after being homeschooled most of his life. Overall a lovely story of kindness and friendship. The way the story is presented in the book, going over the point of view of the main characters. I totally recommend both the movie AND the book!


I Dream of You Vol. II by JJ Heller ~ JJ Heller is a favourite singer of mine and most of my family. She has just released a new album with lovely easy listening songs. Her music is dire…